Apple watch 2 - Bluetooth earphone connection solution

I do not take my cell phone from home when I'm running. Because Apple Watch 2 has built-in GPS.







Plus, you can listen to music synced to Apple Watch while you're running. But to listen to music, you have to be connected to a Bluetooth earphone.

I recently bought a Bluetooth earphone that I wanted to buy because of the accumulation of credit card points enough to buy a Bluetooth earphone.


Unlike the idea that it will be easily paired easily, no matter how I try to connect, Apple watch and Bluetooth earphone can not be connected.

Only the message "Pair not connected" will continue to appear and turn the Bluetooth earphones on and off dozens of times. The limits of patience ..

Whether there is a way to pair, there is no income even if I look around the website everywhere. I have tried to connect with another Bluetooth speaker that is rolling around in my house. But fail again.


I concluded that it is not a problem with the earphone because it has a good connection with the iPhone. I decided to go to the Apple Service Center and ask for help. Finally, I ended up Apple Watch, restarted it and tried connecting again.

It connects directly to Apple Watch. If you can not pair with a Bluetooth device, just restart Apple Watch and try again ~




And if you are already paired with another device (such as iPhone), first pair with your existing connected device and try Apple Watch and Payling to get connected.


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